Our clients have stayed with us for decades, they trust the services we provide. Though we have a horn to blow, we don’t blow it on our own; check out some reviews left by our family of customers.

Pink Connect

Mark Bryan

A big thumbs up to Neil and the team for their excellent customer service. They’ve been a reliable choice for our website, SEO, and hosting needs. Highly recommend them!

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Life & Progress

Charlie Day

Working with Neil at Encode has been nothing short of a top-notch experience. The level of knowledge and insights brought to the table has been exceptional, helping my company immeasurably. I cannot recommend Encode enough, and I can’t stress enough how useful Encode will be for you and your company too!

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Venatour Sports Travel

Lee Janes

Encode have continually surpassed themselves in developing our new website. Their patience in learning and understanding what we needed from a website to provide the best service to our customers has been beneficial on so many levels. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for intelligent solutions to their web, seo or business needs.

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The Encode Team have continuously impressed me with their consistent dedication to making sure my site runs smoothly. On the rare occasion an issue arises with the website, they are always swift to fix the problem and ascertain the site is as good as new!

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Gloucester City Homes

Bairbre Lloyd

We are very happy with the support from EnclodeDotHost for our web hosting and SEO. They are very approachable and knowledgeable, proactive in ensuring our website runs smoothly and respond quickly to any questions or issues that arise.

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Advena Medical

Anthony Kirby

We had a wonderful experience with Encode, initially with our amended website and then again with the project to build our new website. They were very helpful and provided expert guidance.

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Attleborough Auto Centre

Andrew Pethick

I have been very impressed with the level of service and professionalism received. We enquired about moving our current website hosting to their servers and the process along with the costs were explained in a way I understood and after agreeing to the transfer the process was seamless and we were hardly aware of the change. Our website now works better than ever and is significantly faster. Thank you to Neil and his team!

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